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Neil Rackham
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Adam Ginsberg
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Tom Antion
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Malcolm Gladwell
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Mark Hughes
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Informative Marketing Articles

Getting a killer news hook
Getting a news hookWhen you are going to write a press release probably the most important thing you can do is create a killer news hook. A press release without a news hook is just blatant advert. . .

Test Your Headlines for Maximum Profits
Professional copywriters do not simply write or select one headline and then hope for the best. They create a number of different headlines; often times as many as a hundred before selecting the he. . .

Weird Sells: Get Noticed On The Internet
What is weird?, well in the 21st century it’s getting more and more difficult to define what is weird and what isn’t. According to the dictionary one definition is “Of a strikingly odd or unusual c. . .

Network Marketing Training- MLM Recruiter? MLM Sponsor? MLM Babysitter? MLM Mentor?
by Doug FirebaughThere are many Leadership factors involved in building an mlm downline, but none are more frustrating than the roles a Network Marketing Leader can play when recruiting and engagin. . .

Digital printing has created an era of its own which is imminent in the ever increasing numbers of commercial digital printing companies that have spring up like mushrooms out from nowhere. So many. . .

How To “Really Get Your Customers”
What Really Makes Your Postcard Mailing Successful?The biggest single factor in the success of your postcard mailings is who you send your postcards to.You need a list of people or businesses to se. . .

Promoting Your Website Through a Press Release
Have you ever gotten one of those letters from your localproperty tax appraiser, informing you that your tax bill isgoing up about 20 percent?I got one of those recently, so I took it to my friendJ. . .

3 Simple ways to harness concept of the Free Offer for internet marketing
One of the reason why the concept of free stuff online works really well has a lot to do with the nature of the internet where people go online to find free information and share music online. Man. . .

Resource Box Rules: Winning Tactics
Lets face it people use articles to send traffic to their websites. But if their resource box is lousy and not worded right they will get minimal, if any traffic. Thats a fact.“So,” you ask, “wha. . .

3 Simple steps to internet home business promotion
Many internet home business owners are lost when they first start out building their internet home business and spend time purchasing bulk popunder traffic that does not really work for them. This. . .


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