Recommended Books
cover The SPIN Selling Fieldbook
Neil Rackham
cover How to Buy, Sell, & Profit on eBay
Adam Ginsberg
cover The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Mar...
Tom Antion
cover The Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell
cover Buzzmarketing
Mark Hughes
cover Purple Cow
Seth Godin
cover Influence
Robert B. Cialdini...
cover Why We Buy
Paco Underhill
cover The Sales Bible
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Informative Marketing Articles

A Great Way to Advertise
One of the key essentials when it comes to making you and your business successful is advertising.Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to advertise during the super bowl with commercials, or plac. . .

How To Quickly and Easily Pick Hot Topics For Articles
"What shall I write about?" is the first question thatinexperienced writers ask their literary advisers."If you haven't anything to write about, why write at all?"might be an easy answer.Most perso. . .

Make Your Business Card Your Best Salesman
One of the most important building blocks of a good marketing plan is your business card. It is far and away the most likely item to find its way into the hands of your most important business cont. . .

Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for an Update?
With summer vacations over and schools back in session, marketing plan "season" is fast approaching. This is a time when you reflect on the effectiveness of your business marketing programs. You wi. . .

Paint a Picture With Your Words
Depending on what you sell, it is not always easy to get your point across, so it is very important to paint a picture with your words to give your customer a visual of your product, or a visual of. . .

Network Marketing Training- Who Are the Best MLM Small Business Prospects and Why?
MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets to the Best Small Business Prospects for Network Marketingby Doug FirebaughThere is a virtual Gold Mine out in the marketplace for network marketing and MLM th. . .

Sell With an Attitude
When selling a product or giving a sales presentation, you always want to convey a positive, upbeat attitude at all times. This will send a crystal clear message to your audience that you believe i. . .

MLM Success Training- The MLM Success Secrets to BLAZING MLM Leadership
by Doug FirebaughAs far as your Network Marketing business, Let me ask you some questions:1) What is going to be the driving force in your business in the future?2) What is going to be the catalyst. . .

The Best Things In Life Are Free, EVEN Your Mailing Lists!
Direct mail marketing can be expensive for the business owner, if they are targeting the wrong audience. The process can be frustrating to everyone that multiple thousands of businesses give up on . . .

Promotional Lanyards to Market Your Products and Services
It has become fairly common place to see Id badges dangling from a persons neck on a short cord, and on the cord or small rope itself, is printed the name of a company, or a school or an event on i. . .


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